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Volunteer with Walnut Hill

Walnut Hill Church’s life and ministry, as supported by congregational giving and volunteerism, enables the church to continue to demonstrate God’s love through programs and outreach. WHC regularly supports local Lexington and Kentucky causes including its Backpack Ministry program benefiting the Brenda Cowan Elementary School; The Nathaniel Mission; Catholic Action Center’s Sandwich Ministry; Kid’s Cancer Alliance; Lexington CROPWalk; and Salvation Army to name a few. Volunteer opportunities are always available both in the church and outside its walls. We encourage you to sign up for one of the below events or gatherings.

WHC Volunteer Opportunities

After Service Refreshments

We welcome volunteers to host refreshments after worship. Refreshments should be simple (e.g. cookies and lemonade or hand-held sandwiches, etc.) and, as weather permits, served outdoors in the courtyard.

Please click a date and fill out the form to the right to reserve a Sunday. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

Thank you!

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5th  Lee Sturtevant and Jan Allen

12th The Wharton’s & DeMaret Dale

19th Sherry Warden & The Brockopps

26th Mary Diane & Lyle Hanna & Julia Ruschell Snow


3rd  WHC Christmas Potluck!

10th __________________

17th Candy & Tom Field

24th Christmas Cookie Celebration

31st __________________


7th   Lynne & Bill Robertson

14th _______________

21st _______________

28th _______________


4th  _______________

11th _______________

18th _______________



3rd __________________

10th __________________

17th __________________

24th __________________


7th __________________

14th __________________

21st __________________

28th __________________

The Catholic Action Center’s Sandwich Ministry

WHC has provided volunteers for the Catholic Action Center’s Sandwich Ministry every fourth Sunday of the month since June 2011. This volunteer opportunity involves gathering supplies, preparing 75-100 sandwiches, and delivering them to the Catholic Action Center for dispersal to men and women in need.

Instructions for food preparation and delivery are as follow:

  1. Prepare 75 – 100 sandwiches of any type (no mayo please!)
  2. Cut them in half
  3. Place them in a covered container that you do not need returned
  4. Deliver between 8AM and 8PM on the date of which you’ve signed up
  5. Bring them to the kitchen door on the left side of the building. Ring the doorbell and our core kitchen volunteers will retrieve them!

To sign up, please use the booking form below. Dates without names beneath are currently available. Please remember that this opportunity is only available on the fourth Sunday of each month.

Thank you!

November 26, 2023 The Bohmers
December 24, 2023 Janella Spencer & Tom Miller
January 28, 2024 Natalie & Bob Watt
February 24, 2024
March 24, 2024
April 28, 2023

    Please enter your name, email, and select the date on which you would like to volunteer.

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