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859-263-5304 575 Walnut Hill Rd., Lexington, KY 40515

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Walnut Hill Bike Ride: Celebrate the Kentucky Derby with a Virtual Derby Bike Ride while benefiting at-risk kids at Brenda Cowan School. 100% of the funds raised by riders will benefit the Brenda Cowan School. This year the bike ride will be virtual due to the Covid 19 virus and held on September 5, 2020, ride anywhere from 9AM to 12PM.

Walnut Hill Church provides our members children with financial assistance to attend the Episcopal camp at The Cathedral Domain.

Walnut Hill Day School, while located on the property, is not formally affiliated with Walnut Hill Church; however, many of our members’ children attend there.

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We Would Love for you to visit us!

If you wish, send us a message below with your name, e-mail, the Sunday and time you would like to attend and we will have someone here to greet you. Whether you want someone to meet you or just come on your own,
everyone is welcome.

We are located at 575 Walnut Hill Rd., Lexington, KY 40515
859-263-5304 |

    Sunday Service:  11:00am

    Holy Communion:  First Sunday of Each Month

    Topical Conversation Hour:  10:00am in Trinity Hall

    Children & Youth Faith Formation:  11:00am in Trinity Hall

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