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March 6, 2017

Dear Members and Friends:

After almost a year of working with Robert Sanders and Mark Yanik, the general contractor and landscape architect respectively, to develop a Master Site Plan for Walnut Hill, the Vestry has recently authorized moving forward with completion of its Capitalization Plan. In doing so, the Vestry has expressed its desire and intent, subject to funding, to implement first what is identified as Phase II—Cemetery Plan under the Capitalization Plan and the general cleanup/long-term maintenance plan of the entire property.

The Site Plan’s goal is to enhance the historic country charm of Walnut Hill, both aesthetically and functionally, to facilitate its use for generations. Hence, the Site Plan provides for infrastructure improvements and maintenance combined with enhancements, both hardscape and landscape, to revitalize the historic grounds and cemetery of the Church. Having been met with great enthusiasm and support, the Site Plan is a simple and significant step towards maintaining the country charm instilled for generations while providing for future generations.

Several Walnut Hill Members/Friends, Robert Sanders and Mark Yanik have already made significant contributions, both of their expertise and time, well beyond the Church’s initial financial investment in the Site Plan. Multiple contractors and suppliers, including Mr. Sanders, have indicated their willingness to offer concessions to the facilitate this Site Plan. With that in mind, the detailed estimates for executing the capital improvements/maintenance projects associated with the Cemetery Plan (Pages 6-11) are outlined in the attached working copy of the Capitalization Plan.

Please feel free to reach out to Lyle Hanna or Gip Downing as we work to implement these capital improvement/maintenance projects, so that we may further the vision of Walnut Hill, “a welcoming ecumenical congregation embodying the gospel of Jesus Christ, serving the community-at-large and the world through worship, education, fellowship and partnership outreach.”

Very truly yours,



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