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Greetings to all!

June 8, 2022:

This Sunday, June 12, is Trinity Sunday, the observance of that uniquely Christian notion
of “God in three persons.”  As a formal doctrine purporting to define God’s being, the “Trinity”
has been the source of much debate and confusion, often more trouble than help. As a
way of describing our experience of God’s presence, it can be a rich resource for reflection
on our experience of “God.”  Consider this prayer…
Creator God, when we gaze at the heavens or peer through the microscope,
we see your handiwork beyond and beneath us.
Companion God, in a neighbor’s healing touch or comforting word,
we encounter your presence with us.
Indwelling God, in the moment of insight and peace in troubled times,
we feel your presence within us.
In all these ways and more, you make yourself known to us,
one God beyond, with and within,
a wondrous Trinity!  Amen.
The lectionary texts for June 8, Trinity Sunday…
Transition Summer – As we move into the Sundays of summer, Sunday Conversation 
topics vary from week to week around the theme, “What’s Next.”  Watch the Friday update
for details regarding this Sunday’s (June 12) 10am conversation.
Sunday School Volunteers – We continue our regular schedule of 11am lessons/activities
for children and youth.  With that schedule comes the need for volunteers to help staff our
programs.  One volunteer is needed each Sunday. Volunteers can choose to work with
either the nursery or the elementary age class. Lesson materials and coaching are provided
for volunteers.  Visit the Sunday School Sign Up  to volunteer for a Sunday upcoming.
A Lawn Party honoring Pastor Michael Ward and Barbara Waldmann-Ward will be held on
Sunday, June 26, Noon, at Walnut Hill.  Join us as for fun, food and festivities.  You may
also volunteer to bring a salad or dessert for the occasion. Rsvp to the church office  or 859-263-5304) by June 19.
Ukraine Crisis THANK YOU – Walnut Hill has surpassed $15,000 in donations received
and sent to assist relief efforts for persons displaced by the war in Ukraine. We recently
received a video “Thank You” from Church World Service marking this milestone.  Visit
CWS Thanks Walnut Hill to view the video.
The Nathaniel Mission will be offering its Summer Camp program for children in June
and July.  See below for a list of needed camp supplies that you may bring to Walnut
Hill this Sunday, June 12. In addition to funds and supplies, the camp program is in need
of volunteers. Contact Casey Coyle ( and/or visit the
Mission Facebook page for more information.
The Cathedral Domain is offering a full schedule of camp programs this summer for
children and youth.  Visit Cathedral Domain for schedule and registration information.
Remember that Walnut Hill will pay 1/2 the camp fee for any Walnut Hill child/youth
attending a Domain program.  Contact Amanda for more details.
Cemetery Rules & Regulations are available on the Walnut Hill Church website at this
link: Cemetery Pamphlet .  Walnut Hill Members/Friends may purchase and use burial
sites in the Walnut Hill Church Cemetery in accordance with its rules and regulations.
A Congregational Meeting is called for Sunday, June 26, immediately after morning
worship. The purpose of this meeting is to end the pastoral relationship between Michael
Ward and Walnut Hill Church.  No other business will be conducted at the meeting.  All
Members/Friends of Walnut Hill Church are encouraged to attend.
A Transition Committee is working on issues related to Mike’s upcoming retirement.  For
more information regarding the committee’s work or to volunteer your service, contact
committee chair, Lyle Hanna.
Peace to all.
Mike Ward
Nathaniel Mission Summer Camp Supplies – Feel free to bring any of the items
below, any quantity, to Walnut Hill this Sunday, June 12.
Plastic table cloths (54”X108”) – red, blue, green
Nametag stickers
Snack foods (individual chip bags, freeze pops/popsicles, granola bars, fruit cups)
Drinks (bottled water, capri sun, etc)
Crayola crayons
Crayola markers
Construction paper
Sidewalk chalk
Hula Hoops
Find Walnut Hill online at…
…the Walnut Hill website
…the Walnut Hill Facebook page
…the Walnut Hill Instagram page

…the Walnut Hill online giving portal

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