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Greetings to all!

June 22, 2022:

Forty years, 2,000 Sundays, 240 weddings, 210 funerals, 140 baptisms, 2 congregations,
so it goes “by the numbers.”  More important than the numbers have been the people with
whom these years and occasions have been shared, and the love of God that has made
that sharing possible.  I am grateful.
The scripture lesson for June 26 , the Third Sunday after Pentecost…
Schedule for Sunday, June 26…
10am – Sunday Conversation – “Ask Me Anything” – Mike will welcome and attempt to
answer any question (biblical, theological, ecclesiastical, etc) you might have.  If he
doesn’t know the answer, he’ll make something up.
11am – Morning Worship & Congregational Meeting – A brief congregational meeting
will conclude the service.
Noon – Lawn Party – (see details below)
Lawn Party Details…
– Guests are invited to bring their own lawn chairs to the event.
– There will be outdoor “tented” tables/chairs to accommodate 20-30 individuals, and
indoor table/chair seating in Trinity Hall to accommodate 20-30 individuals. In the event
of inclement weather, the Sanctuary will also be available for seating.
-We encourage attendees to be aware of those who might need access to special seating.
-Early arrivals are encouraged to use the supplemental parking below the cemetery.
Remember that you can drop passengers at the Sanctuary walkway before parking.
Watch your email and the church Facebook page for any last minute updates.
(For other questions, contact Jessica at . )
A Congregational Meeting is called for Sunday, June 26, at the conclusion of morning
worship. The purpose of this meeting is to end the pastoral relationship between Michael
Ward and Walnut Hill Church, effective June 30, 2022.  No other business will be conducted
at the meeting.  All Members/Friends of Walnut Hill Church are encouraged to attend.
Sunday School Volunteers – We continue our regular schedule of 11am lessons/activities
for children and youth.  With that schedule comes the need for volunteers to help staff our
programs.  One volunteer is needed each Sunday. Volunteers can choose to work with
either the nursery or the elementary age class. Lesson materials and coaching are provided
for volunteers.  Visit the Sunday School Sign Up  to volunteer for a Sunday upcoming.
On the Hilltop, Walnut Hill’s recent printed newsletter is available online in full color
at this link: On the Hilltop.  In the newsletter you will find information about Walnut Hill’s
upcoming transition, along with inspiring articles about Walnut Hill’s outreach to the
community. Thanks to our Administrative Assistant, Jessica, for her editing work and the
several authors who contributed articles.
Cemetery Rules & Regulations are available on the Walnut Hill Church website at this
link: Cemetery Pamphlet .  Walnut Hill Members/Friends may purchase and use burial
sites in the Walnut Hill Church Cemetery in accordance with its rules and regulations.
A Transition Committee is working on issues related to Mike’s upcoming retirement.  For
more information regarding the committee’s work or to volunteer your service, contact
committee chair, Lyle Hanna.
Peace to all.
Mike Ward
Find Walnut Hill online at…
…the Walnut Hill website
…the Walnut Hill Facebook page
…the Walnut Hill Instagram page

…the Walnut Hill online giving portal

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