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Greetings to all!

January 29, 2020:

This Sunday is “Soup-er Bowl Sunday,” a fun and delicious occasion with a serious
purpose, namely raising funds for hunger relief (see article below).  That purpose
reminds us of the presence of hunger, sometimes referred to as “food insecurity,”
even here in central Kentucky.  Recent statistics reveal that over 600,000 people in
Kentucky are food insecure, and nearly half of all Kentucky counties have a child food
insecurity rate of over 20%.  Clearly there is more work to be done that all might be
free from the physical, emotional, and social effects of hunger. This work is close to
the heart of the gospel and our calling as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Remember that
when the disciples advised Jesus that the multitudes around him were hungry, Jesus
said, “You give them something to eat,” and in the end, there was plenty for all.
The lectionary texts for February 2, the 4th Sunday after Epiphany…
Sunday Conversations, continue this Sunday, 10am, as we view a TED Talk
titled, “Can a Divided America Heal?” featuring social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt.
Perhaps an answer can be found in ancient teaching about “loving our enemies”
as proclaimed by someone we know very well, namely Jesus.  To view the video
in advance, visit TED Talk .
SOUP-ER BOWL – All are invited to Trinity Hall after worship this Sunday to share
in the Soup-er Bowl of Caring by enjoying a bowl(s) of delicious soup and making a
donation (in any amount) to support food relief in central and eastern Kentucky via
God’s Pantry.  Use reply email if you have a special soup that you would like to
prepare and share for the occasion.  Most importantly, come and enjoy a bowl of
The BCE Food Barrel is available each Sunday to receive food items donated
in support of students at Brenda Cowan Elementary School who might need some
extra food to see them through weekends.  Below this week’s letter, please find a
specific list of requested items.  Please limit your donations to items from that list.
Use reply email for more information.
The Walnut Hill Church Cemetery Association held its annual meeting last
Sunday.  Copies of the meeting agenda and related reports are available in the
foyer of Sanctuary and by request from the church office.
Around the Grounds…Work is underway this week to remove declining, and
sometimes dangerous, trees in the parking area and along the roadway toward
the “old gate.”  Other trees, including the walnut/oak trees next to the Sanctuary,
are being pruned for appearance and safety.  Trees removed will be replaced by
new trees at appropriate locations around the church grounds. Thanks to all those
whose contributions to the Cemetery/Church Grounds Project Fund make this
important work possible.
Creation Care…
Love in a Time of Climate Change is the title of a book that will be the focus of
a study at Walnut Hill in the late winter/early spring.  Use reply email to request
a copy.
Lexington is recycling paper again though you must take your paper to
specified collection sites.  Do not put paper in your blue “rosie.”  Visit recycling
for a map of paper collection sites.  You may still bring paper, as well as #5
plastic and plastic bottle caps, to the church.
Prayer in Action Days continue on Tuesday, Feb 4, 9:30am – 10:30am, at the
Capitol Annex (Rm#131) in Frankfort. Each Prayer in Action gathering includes
information about an issue before the KY General Assembly, prayer inspired by
that issue, and an opportunity to communicate with legislators regarding the issue.
The gathering this Tues, Feb 4, will focus on the death penaltyPrayer in Action
Days are sponsored by the Kentucky Council of Churches.
Peace to all.
Mike Ward
You can find Walnut Hill online…
…at our website
Fruit cups and packs
Apple sauce cups
Vegetable cups
Individual microwaveable meals.  (Hormel, Dinty Moore, Chef Boyardee)
Individual Macaroni and cheese packets and cups
Instant Oatmeal
Pudding cups
Shelf stable individual milk and soybean products
Precooked rice cups or packets
Instant soup (Ramen Noodles)
Peanut Butter packets
Cheese crackers
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