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Greetings to all!

Nov. 18, 2020:

Jonathan Sacks, longtime Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the
Commonwealth (United Kingdom), died on November 7 at age 72. Rabbi Sacks was an
advocate for interfaith respect, understanding and cooperation.  His voice is one to be
celebrated.  Consider this brief excerpt from one of Rabbi Sacks’ books, The Great 
Partnership: Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning.
In an age of fear, moderation is hard to find and harder to sustain.  Who wants to listen
to a nuanced argument, when what we want is someone to relieve us from the burden
of thought and convince us that we were right all along?  So people mock.  They blame.
They caricature. They demonize. In an age of anxiety, few can hear the still small voice
that the Bible tells us is the voice of God.
MASK UP KENTUCKY – With the resurgence of COVID-19 in our state and nation, the 
time is NOW for all persons to adopt practices that will promote public health, including
the wearing of face coverings in public spaces, practicing social distancing, following
guidance by public health officials, and encouraging others to do the same. Let us do
this as an expression of love for our neighbors as well as ourselves. Visit the Walnut Hill
Facebook or Instagram page to see a “Mask Up” sign commissioned by and planted at
Walnut Hill.  Use reply email if you would like a sign to post at your home or business.
The lectionary texts for November 22, 2020, Christ the King Sunday…
Online Services Only – We have returned to online services only through December.
For the time being, there will no in person Sunday morning gathering.  This online
only practice will be reviewed after the New Year and/or as coronavirus conditions permit.
Use reply email or contact the church office (859-263-5304) if you have questions or
concerns.  Thank you for your understanding and patience during these days.
Wednesday “Virtual” Fellowship gatherings continue today (Nov 18) at 1pm, via the
zoom meeting platform.  Use reply email to request sign-in details. “See” you then.
Christmas Pageant 2020 – We continue to work, with hope, toward a Covid-style
Christmas Pageant on Sun, Dec 6, involving Walnut Hill children and youth.  Parents
and Grandparents will be receiving additional details regarding the participation of
their children/youth. Thanks to Brian and Nell for their work on this project.
Peace, Justice, Joy, and Salvation: An Advent Study is the title of our next
“distance learning” opportunity beginning Tues, Dec 1.  Registration is now open by
reply email.  Participants will receive a weekly study guide and an invitation to
participate in “virtual” discussion sessions.
Mission Partnership – Visit Nathaniel Mission Thanksgiving for a report regarding
Walnut Hill’s partnership with the Nathaniel Mission during this holiday season. Special
thanks to our stuffing/dressing sponsors and volunteers.
Backpack Ministry – Walnut Hill has committed to provide weekend food backpacks
this school year for students at Brenda Cowan Elementary School. We are currently
providing 50 “backpacks” for students each week.  Pasted below this email is a list of
requested food items.  Food items may be dropped at the church on Saturday/Sunday
mornings, or contact the church office to arrange a convenient drop off or pick up of
food items.  Visit Backpack Ministry for additional information.
The Annual Meeting of the Congregation of Walnut Hill Church was held on Sun,
Nov 15, Noon, via the Zoom meeting platform.  The attendance was good and all the
meeting business conducted successfully.  In case you missed it, meeting documents
will remain posted on the Walnut Hill website through the end of this week.  Thanks to
all who participated.  It was good to “see” everyone!
A  Visit?  Mike is available for in-person visits (with appropriate social distance and face
coverings) at your request.  Use reply email or call the church office (859-263-5304) to
schedule a visit.
Peace to all.
Mike Ward
Find Walnut Hill online at…
…the Walnut Hill website
…the Walnut Hill Facebook page
…the Walnut Hill Instagram page
…the Walnut Hill online giving portal


FOOD CUPS (individual servings) -fruit, applesauce, etc.

-mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese -vegetables

MICROWAVEABLE MEALS (individual servings)

-Hormel, Chef Boy-R-Dee, Dinty Moore, etc

BREAKFAST FOODS (individual servings)

-instant oatmeal -variety cereals

-shelf stable milk


-granola bars
-peanut butter, cheese crackers, etc -fruit snacks


-ramen noodles (individual servings)
-precooked rice packets (individual servings)
-small canned (must have pop tops) veggies & meats like “beanie weenies”, etc

-individual juice drinks (orange, apple, fruit)

(No glass, family sized items, or perishables)

Bring items to Walnut Hill on Sunday mornings, or call the church (263-5304) 

to arrange delivery or pick-up.

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