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Greetings to all!

April 27, 2022:

In his book, In Defense of Kindness, Bruce Reyes-Chow considers how the commitment to
“kindness” poses both challenges and possibilities for living in a world that includes sometimes
horrific acts and events…
When I see these things playing out in the world, I try to commit to kindness and not judgment.
How do I do this, you ask? My kindness compels me to think about why these things are
happening, to think about the individuals who are part of the events, and to extend a posture
of human dignity to all involved.  My own kindness forces me to think about the complexities
of a person’s situation and whether they are there by choice or circumstance. Then I must
decide whether the kindness lens is strong enough to see humanity in all those involved, no
matter the actions taken or the nature of the situation. Again, this does not mean that
perpetrators and offenders should not be held accountable, or that victims have in any way
brought their suffering upon themselves.  It only means that kindness compels me to
acknowledge the existence of the inherent humanity of all involved…Given the many
situations that generate destruction, now more than ever kindness is appropriate.
(from In Defense of Kindness)
In Memory: Marian H. Congleton, a Friend of Walnut Hill Church, departed this life on Sun,
April 24, at the age of 98.  Visitation will be held on Monday, May 2, 10am – Noon, at Kerr
Brothers (Main St), with a private burial to follow.  For the obituary, visit Marian Congleton.
Ukraine Crisis Response – Walnut Hill has so far received/sent over $12,000 to help with
relief efforts for persons displaced by the war in Ukraine.  You may add to that amount on
Sunday mornings via cash and checks payable to Walnut Hill Church (memo “Ukraine”),
or donate directly by visiting Church World Service . Visit “Welcoming Viktoriia” for one
family’s story.
The lectionary texts for May 1, The Third Sunday of Easter…
Women In Scripture is the title of a study/conversation series in May beginning this Sun,
May 1, with the story of “Naomi & Ruth – Survivors.”  Visit Women in Scripture for a reflection
guide, and join us Sunday, 10am, for conversation regarding this week’s “women in scripture.”
Youth (middle/high school) will gather for games and fellowship this Sunday, May 1, 4-6pm,
at Walnut Hill.  Contact Amanda for more details.
Sunday School Volunteers – We continue our regular schedule of 11am lessons/activities
for children and youth.  With that schedule comes the need for volunteers to help staff our
programs.  One volunteer is needed each Sunday. Volunteers can choose to work with
either the nursery or the elementary age class. Lesson materials and coaching are provided
for volunteers.  Visit the Sunday School Sign Up  to volunteer for a Sunday upcoming.
Thanks to the Walnut Hill Youth for serving as “Sandwich Ministers” this past Sunday,
preparing sandwiches for overnight guests at the Catholic Action Center.
The Spring Potluck returns on Sun, May 15, immediately after morning worship.  Bring a
salad, side dish, or dessert and join us for this post-covid renewal of a delicious Walnut Hill
In the Community – Jazz Night at the Lyric will be at the Lyric Theater on Fri, Apr 29, 7pm,
featuring “The Denise King Quintet.”  Opening the show will be “The Intrepid Jazz Band,”
including Walnut Hill’s own Stephen Barnes.  Visit Jazz Night for more information and
A Transition Committee is working on issues related to Mike’s upcoming retirement.  For
more information regarding the committee’s work or to volunteer your service, contact
committee chair, Lyle Hanna.
Peace to all.
Mike Ward
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