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Greetings to all!

Sept. 23, 2020:

Our reading, reflection, and conversation around the book, Across That Bridge, continues
(see below).  In this week’s chapters, John Lewis explores the notion of “peace” and its role
in each of our lives…
I ask you to reach down inside yourself, and find the truth your life is compelling you to see.
That is your road to true peace, and it is the beginning of the evolution of humankind. Because
every change in the world starts within.  It begins with one individual who envisions his or her
micro-universe the way it can be, and settles for nothing less.  And as one individual moves
toward the light, that light ignites more individual flames and eventually the revolutionary
inner work becomes a transformative outer work that builds into a bonfire of light, the kind of
light that can change the world.  It starts from within, with one individual who seeks the way
of peace. Will you be that person?
The lectionary texts for September 27, the 17th Sunday after Pentecost…
Wednesday “Virtual” Fellowship gatherings continue today (Sep 23) at 1pm, via the
zoom meeting platform.  Use reply email to request sign-in details. Hope to “see” you then.
Across That Bridge, a spiritual memoir by the late John Lewis, is the subject of a four-part
“virtual” discussion continuing Thursday, September 24, 7pm.  Participants are provided
excerpts from the book for the discussion. Registration is required, and you may do so by
reply email.  This Thursday’s conversation will include a viewing of Lewis’ remarks on the
50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington.
Sunday Services – As of this writing, we are planning to offer an outdoor, in-person, 
worship on Sunday, September 27, 11am.  These plans are subject to change pending
coronavirus conditions and weather on Sunday morning.  Watch the Friday update for more
details, and feel free to call the church office on Sunday morning for up-to-date information
regarding the status of services for the day.
A Day to End Hunger – Youth (middle/high school) are invited to gather at Walnut Hill on
Sun, Sep 27, 4pm for “A Day to End Hunger” including a symbolic CROP Walk, making
sandwiches for guests at the Community Inn, and some pizza to round out the evening.
Youth are asked to rsvp by Sat, Sep 26.
The 2020 CROP Walk to raise awareness and dollars for hunger relief locally and globally
has gone virtual this year.  You can participate in any of three ways (1) take a walk this
Sun, Sep 27, and let us know about it by email or social media, and Walnut Hill will “sponsor”
you in the amount of $35 (2) middle/high schoolers can join us for a “A Day to End Hunger” 
(3) make a donation via the CROP website.  For more information about the history of this
event, visit CROP .
Ecumenical Sunday, October 4 – The annual celebration of Walnut Hill’s ecumenical
identity is going forward this year with a “virtual” gathering (via zoom) featuring the
Rev. Don Gillett, Executive Director of the Kentucky Council of Churches. Don will visit with
us for conversation around the topic, “Ecumenism and Racial Justice.”  The gathering
is scheduled for Sunday, October 4, 4:00pm – 5:30pm.  Registration is required.  Use reply
email or call the church office (859-263-5304) to register.
Backpack Ministry – Walnut Hill has committed to provide weekend food backpacks this
school year for students at Brenda Cowan Elementary School. We were recently advised
that the number of children needing this service has grown from 35 to 50, and we will
meet that new challenge. Pasted below this email is a list of requested food items.  Visit
 Backpack Ministry for additional information.
Kroger Community Rewards – Thanks to the regular shopping of 26 households over
the last three months, Walnut Hill has received a check in the amount $174 from the
Kroger Company.  For more information on how you can participate in the Kroger
Community Rewards program, visit or contact the church office.
A  Visit?  Mike is available for in-person visits (with appropriate social distance and face
coverings) at your request.  Use reply email or call the church office (859-263-5304) to
schedule a visit.
Peace to all.
Mike Ward
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…the Walnut Hill Facebook page
…the Walnut Hill Instagram page
…the Walnut Hill online giving portal


FOOD CUPS (individual servings) -fruit, applesauce, etc.

-mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese -vegetables

MICROWAVEABLE MEALS (individual servings)

-Hormel, Chef Boy-R-Dee, Dinty Moore, etc

BREAKFAST FOODS (individual servings)

-instant oatmeal -variety cereals

-shelf stable milk

SNACK FOODS  (snack food items are Not needed at this time)

-granola bars
-peanut butter, cheese crackers, etc -fruit snacks


-ramen noodles (individual servings)
-precooked rice packets (individual servings)
-small canned (must have pop tops) veggies & meats like “beanie weenies”, etc

-individual juice drinks (orange, apple, fruit)

(No glass, family sized items, or perishables)

Bring items to Walnut Hill on Sunday mornings, or call the church (263-5304) 

to arrange delivery or pick-up.

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