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Greetings to all!

July 7, 2021:

Summer Explorations continue this week (see below) as we explore “Forgiveness.”  Janet Ramsey
Forgiveness goes to the heart of what we believe as Christians, and nothing is more important to
our life together.  Yet this topic is neither easy to conceptualize nor easy to practice in our life.
Definitions of forgiveness vary, and personal understandings of how we ought to behave after we
are hurt or have hurt others, differ by family, religious beliefs, and cultural perspective.  Unhealthy
myths about faith, forgiveness, and healing can complicate this painful process, but the power of
the Holy Spirit makes the impossible possible.
For Christians, forgiveness is, above all, about choosing a new life.  When we resist forgiveness,
it is like having an unwrapped Christmas present under the tree that we can neither appreciate
nor use.  If, on the other hand, we enter a lifestyle of continual repentance and forgiveness, we
spring into life itself…
(from “Forgiveness,” published by The Thoughtful Christian, 2007)
The lectionary texts for July 11, the 7th Sunday after Pentecost…
Summer Explorations, a series of explorations about life, continues on July 11 as we turn
our attention to Forgiveness.  You can participate in the following ways:  read and reflect on the
exploration pamphlets and/or participate in Sunday morning (10am) “in person” conversations.
A weekly online commentary is also being posted for participants.  Register by reply email to
receive the weekly exploration pamphlets and other information regarding this series.
Pool Party – Children, youth, and families are invited to a pool party at the Gillispie residence on
Sunday afternoon, July 11.  Contact Amanda, or use reply email, for more information.  Thanks
to the Gillispie family for this hospitality.
Backpack Ministry – A meeting to begin planning for the 2021-22 Backpack Ministry will be held
on Sunday, July 18, after worship.  This will be an opportunity to learn how you can be involved
in supporting the Backpack Ministry for the coming school year.
After Worship Gathering – As we resume in-person worship and other activities at Walnut Hill,
we have resumed our after worship gatherings in a simplified form, offering simple refreshments
(e.g. cookies, lemonade, etc) and gathering in the courtyard when weather permits.  Visit
Hosting Opportunities if you would like to host our after worship gathering some Sunday.  Use
reply email for more information regarding our simplified gatherings.
Seeking VOLUNTEERS –   We are grateful for numerous volunteers who have signed up and/or
served in our elementary age class. Sunday volunteers are provided all they need (lesson plans,
activities, etc) to spend a wonderful hour with the children. No previous experience required. Visit
the Sunday School Sign-Up and volunteer for a Sunday or two.
The Walnut Hill Bike Ride has been scheduled for Saturday, October 23.  Watch for more
details, or use reply email if you would like to be part of the planning team.
A  Visit?  Mike is available for in-person visits at your request.  Use reply email or call the church
office (859-263-5304) to schedule a visit.
Mike Ward
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