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Greetings to all!

Dec. 1, 2021:

During the Sundays of Advent we are exploring “Hope” (see below) including the practice
of “seeing hope.” In these days of ongoing pandemic and random violence, the practice
of hope is important for our lives individually and together.  Consider the following from
Charlene Jin Lee…
Where do you see hope in your worshiping community, in your neighborhood, and in the
larger world?  Some days, hope can be easy to find.  We see hope in community meals
where people from different backgrounds share a meal together.  We see hope in
community gardens that provide food and remind us of our connection to the earth and
one another.  We see hope in worship when a person is baptized or when we share
communion together.  Some days, hope can be easy to find. But other days, it is harder
to see…As Christ followers, we see hope in Christ, the light of the world.  Our hope is in
the good news that God has come to live among us.  We are not alone…As John writes,
the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it (John 1:5). Jesus
is the light of the world, the one who helps us keep going, even on our most difficult days
and darkest nights.
(from “See Hope” as found in the Follow Me reflection guide)
The lectionary texts for December 5, the Second Sunday of Advent…
HOPE, an Advent study, continues this Sun, Dec 5, 10am.  This Sunday’s lesson is titled
“See Hope.”  For a brief video introduction to the lesson, visit “See Hope.” Use reply
email to request a study booklet.  Nursery care available.
Christmas Pageant – Practice continues in anticipation of the Walnut Hill Christmas
Pageant scheduled for Sun, Dec 12.  Roles are available for all children and youth. Use
reply email to inquire about a role for your child/youth, or simply join us on Sundays at
11am for practice.
Advent Wreath/Candles – Check out the Walnut Hill Facebook page service recording
from last Sunday to enjoy the traditional Advent wreath and candle lighting ceremony,
which occurs early in the service.  Special thanks to Ruth and Corinne for crafting the
wreath, and to Cory and Corinne for lighting the Advent candle last Sunday.  Use reply
email if you and/or others in your household would like to light the Advent candles this
season, including this Sunday, December 5.
COVID Protocols – The Walnut Hill Vestry has recently reviewed and revised our COVID
protocols as follows:  When Fayette Co. reaches moderate/low (yellow/green) community
transmission as indicated on the KY COVID website, masks will be optional for worship
and other activities.  Fayette County is currently in the “substantial” (orange) category.
Watch the Friday email for an update regarding COVID protocols for the upcoming Sunday.
“Christmas Shoppers” who are providing gifts for children referred to Walnut Hill by the
Nathaniel Mission are asked to deliver those gifts to Walnut Hill by Sun, Dec 5.  Use
reply email for questions regarding your assigned shopping list.  Thanks to all our
“Christmas Shoppers.”
Poinsettias – Once again this season we will be decorating the Sanctuary for Christmas,
including poinsettias.  You can sponsor ($20) a poinsettia for our Sanctuary decorations.
Make your check payable to Walnut Hill Church (memo: “poinsettia”).  Be sure to let
us know if your poinsettia is in memory/honor of someone special to you.  Poinsettia
sponsors are invited to take their plants home after Christmas weekend services.
Bike Ride Presentations – Check out the Walnut Hill Church Facebook page for photos
of check presentations to Brenda Cowan Elementary School and GreenHouse17.  Each
received $2,000 in proceeds from the recent Walnut Hill Bike Ride.
Christmas Season Schedule…
*Sun, Dec 12, 11am – Children’s Christmas pageant
*Sun, Dec 15, 5:30pm – Youth Christmas Party at the Ward residence
*Fri, Dec, 24, Christmas Eve
-5:00pm – Lessons and Carols for all ages
-9:00pm – Evening Prayer Fireside for adults and older children/youth
Cathedral Domain will be the site of “A New Year in the Spirit” event for middle/high school
youth, Dec 27 – Dec 30.  Registration is open now.  For more information and registration,
visit New Year . Walnut Hill will sponsor 1/2 the cost for any Walnut Hill youth attending.
Refugee Resettlement – The Shahir family has arrived in Lexington.  They are
temporarily staying with a family member in town, but they hope to soon be placed in their
own Lexington residence.  Watch for news of when/where to bring items that you have set
aside for the family.  For the moment, be in prayer as they adjust to their new surroundings.
Peace to all,
Mike Ward
Find Walnut Hill online at…
…the Walnut Hill website
…the Walnut Hill Facebook page
…the Walnut Hill Instagram page
…the Walnut Hill online giving portal


FOOD CUPS (individual servings) -fruit, applesauce, etc.

-mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese -vegetables

MICROWAVEABLE MEALS (individual servings)

-Hormel, Chef Boy-R-Dee, Dinty Moore, etc

BREAKFAST FOODS (individual servings)

-instant oatmeal -variety cereals

-shelf stable milk


-granola bars
-peanut butter, cheese crackers, etc -fruit snacks


-ramen noodles (individual servings)
-precooked rice packets (individual servings)
-small canned (must have pop tops) veggies & meats like “beanie weenies”, etc

Look for the food collection bin in the breezeway between the buildings.

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