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Greetings to all!

February 5, 2020:

The Rt. Rev. Mark Van Koevering, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington,
will visit Walnut Hill this Sunday, February 9.  “Bishop Mark’s” visit is an expression
of Walnut Hill’s long friendship with the Diocese and an affirmation of our ecumenical
identity, which communicates our desire to be part of the larger Body of Christ, the
Church. Rather than being “non-denominational,” we are “ecumenical.” We do not
wish to be separate from others. Instead, we seek to bring people from various faith
traditions together through our life and ministry. Join us this Sunday as we welcome
Bishop Van Koevering for informal conversation at 10am, and morning worship at
11am.  The Sacrament of Holy Communion will also be celebrated this Sunday
during morning worship.
(Visit about Bishop Mark for a brief biography of his personal and vocational life
prior to his 2018 arrival in Lexington.)
The lectionary texts for February 9, 2020, the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany…
Sunday Conversations, 10am, will feature our guest, the Rt. Rev. Mark Van
Koevering, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington.
Several Trees have been planted on the church grounds this week (an American
Beech, a White Oak, and a Pecan), the first of thirteen hardwood and flowering
trees to be planted in the upcoming days/weeks as weather permits.  Look for these
new trees as you approach the Sanctuary from the “old gate.”  Visit the Walnut Hill
Facebook and Instagram pages for photos of these newest additions to the Walnut
Hill landscape.
BCE Food Support Program – Thanks to numerous folks who have donated food
items for children at Brenda Cowan Elementary School.  The items are packed into
bags, which are sent home over the weekend with students needing food support.
Walnut Hill delivered 30 bags to BCE last week, and more will follow in the weeks
to come.  Your ongoing donations are welcome.  Look for a list of requested items
in the Sanctuary foyer or request a list by reply email.
SOUPER BOWL – The Chiefs were not the only winners on Super Bowl Sunday.
Thousands of households “won” last Sunday by virtue of dollars raised through
Souper Bowl Sunday events around the country, including Walnut Hill. Thanks to
all our soup chefs, diners, and contributors who made for a winning-team last
Sunday.  Visit God’s Pantry to see how your Souper Bowl Sunday donations will
be used.
2019 CROP Walk – We have received news regarding last fall’s CROP Walk that
the total funds raised by the event topped $26,000, of which Walnut Hill was
responsible for $935.  Visit Lexington CROP Walk for a wrap-up as well as some
photos, including several walkers sporting Walnut Hill gear.  Thanks to all!
Creation Care…
Love in a Time of Climate Change is the title of a book that will be the focus of
conversation at Walnut Hill in the spring.  Complimentary copies are available
at the Creation Care table as well as by request from the church office.
Lexington is recycling paper again though you must take your paper to
specified collection sites.  Do not put paper in your blue “rosie.”  Visit recycling
for a map of paper collection sites.  Information regarding recycling paper and
other materials is available at the Creation Care  table. You may still bring paper,
as well as #5 plastic and plastic bottle caps, to the church.
…Visit Earth Ministry for an example of how one might apply “The Lord’s Prayer”
to Creation Care.
Peace to all.
Mike Ward


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