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Greetings to all!

Sept. 16, 2020:

Our conversations regarding the book, Across That Bridge, by John Lewis, continue this
Thursday (see article below).  In this week’s installment, Lewis writes about “Truth”…
The truth is that we are all interrelated.  There would be no rich with poor, no healing
without the sick, no young without the old, no “first world” country without the “third world”
country.  We are all “inextricably linked,” King said, and that is why it is futile for any
group to draw lines in the sand.  The vast sea of truth will merely wash those weak lines
away…The truth is, as long as we see life in terms of its duality, instead of its commonality,
our lives will always demand that we overcome.
The lectionary texts for September 20, the 16th Sunday after Pentecost…
Wednesday “Virtual” Fellowship gatherings continue today (Sep 16) at 1pm, via the
zoom meeting platform.  Use reply email to request sign-in details. Hope to “see” you
Across That Bridge, a spiritual memoir by the late John Lewis, is the subject of a four-part
“virtual” discussion continuing Thursday, September 17, 7pm.  Participants are provided
excerpts from the book for the discussion. Registration is required, and you may do so by
reply email.  Even if you choose not to participate in the discussions, you will likely find the
reading to be inspiring.
Sunday Services – As of this writing, we are planning to offer an outdoor, in-person, 
worship on Sunday, September 20, 11am.  These plans are subject to change pending
coronavirus conditions and weather on Sunday morning.  Watch the Friday update for more
details, and feel free to call the church office on Sunday morning for up-to- date information
regarding the status of services for the day.
BRING YOUR OWN PICNIC – Persons attending our outdoor service this Sunday, Sep 20,
are invited, but not required, to bring your own picnic and enjoy some extra time together
on Walnut Hill’s beautiful grounds.  Your picnic may be a simple brown bag sandwich or
a full basket, whatever your household might like.   Bring everything you will need including
beverage, utensils, etc. Social distancing between households will be maintained, as well
as face coverings when distance cannot be maintained.  Also, there will be no sharing of
food between households.  Necessary precautions notwithstanding, we hope the spirit of
our traditional fall gatherings will shine through.
2020 “Virtual” CROP Walk, September 27 – Like many events, this year’s CROP Walk
will be different this year, including no large gathering and walk through downtown streets.
Instead, individuals and small groups are invited to walk in a distanced fashion, reporting
their participation to raise funds for hunger relief locally and globally. Walnut Hill will be
gathering a distanced-walk team.  Each team participant will be sponsored ($35) by the
Walnut Hill Community Fund.  So, set some walking time aside on September 27, and
watch for more details.
Ecumenical Sunday, October 4 – The annual celebration of Walnut Hill’s ecumenical
identity is going forward this year with a “virtual” gathering (via zoom) featuring the
Rev. Don Gillett, Executive Director of the Kentucky Council of Churches. Don will visit with
us for conversation around the topic, “Ecumenism and Racial Justice.”  The gathering
is scheduled for Sunday, October 4, 4:00pm – 5:30pm.  Registration is required.  Watch
for more details coming soon.
Sandwich Ministry – The Sandwich Ministry has resumed, and with it the need for
Sandwich Ministers to provide sandwiches for overnight guests at the Catholic Action
Center.  Walnut Hill’s next date to provide sandwiches is Sunday, September 27. Use
reply email for more information or to volunteer.
Backpack Ministry – As you might be aware, Walnut Hill has committed to provide
weekend food backpacks this school year for 35 students at Brenda Cowan Elementary
School. This will be a big challenge as the year goes on, and we are up to the challenge.
In fact, we have been impressed with generous support thus far. Pasted below this email
is a list of requested food items.  Visit Backpack Ministry for additional information.
Hurricanes and Fires – In this year of numerous calamities, the wildfires in the western
U.S. and Gulf coast hurricanes stand out for their destruction and disruption.  Walnut
Hill is sending relief to the affected areas via Episcopal Relief and Development (fires)
and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (hurricanes).  Visit the links to add your individual
A  Visit?  Mike is available for in-person visits (with appropriate social distance and face
coverings) at your request.  Use reply email or call the church office (859-263-5304) to
schedule a visit.
Peace to all.
Mike Ward
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…the Walnut Hill Facebook page
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…the Walnut Hill online giving portal


FOOD CUPS (individual servings) -fruit, applesauce, etc

(fruit cups are NOT needed at this time)

-mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese -vegetables

MICROWAVEABLE MEALS (individual servings)

-Hormel, Chef Boy-R-Dee, Dinty Moore, etc

BREAKFAST FOODS (individual servings)

-instant oatmeal -variety cereals

-shelf stable milk

SNACK FOODS  (snack food items are Not needed at this time)

-granola bars
-peanut butter, cheese crackers, etc -fruit snacks


-ramen noodles (individual servings)
-precooked rice packets (individual servings)
-small canned (must have pop tops) veggies & meats like “beanie weenies”, etc

-individual juice drinks (orange, apple, fruit)

(No glass, family sized items, or perishables)

Bring items to Walnut Hill on Sunday mornings, or call the church (263-5304) 

to arrange delivery or pick-up.

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