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Greetings to all!

May 11, 2022:

In light of recent COVID cases within and around the Walnut Hill community, we have
made the following adjustments to our plans for this Sunday, May 15
Weather permitting…
…worship (11am) will be outdoors. Bring a lawn chair or blanket for your use.
Folding chairs will be available.
…children/youth activities indoors/outdoors.  Masks encouraged but not required.
bring a picnic lunch for yourself/household, which may be as simple or elaborate
as you would like, to enjoy outdoors with other Walnut Hill members, friends and guests.
In case of rain…
worship (11am) will be indoors as usual.  Masks encouraged but not required.
…children/youth activities will be indoors.  Masks encouraged but not required.
potluck cancelled.
Sun or rain, we hope to see you at Walnut Hill this Sunday!
The lectionary texts for May 15, The Fifth Sunday of Easter…
Women In Scripture is the title of a study/conversation series in May continuing this Sun,
May 15, with the story of “Sarah & Hagar – Master/Slave.” Visit Women in Scripture for a
reflection guide, and join us Sunday, 10am, for conversation regarding this week’s “women
in scripture.”
CELEBRATING COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS This Sun, May 15, we celebrate two of Walnut
Hill’s long time community partnerships including Brenda Cowan Elementary School
(Backpack Ministry) and the Nathaniel Mission (Summer Camp).  Nicole Love from BCE
and Chris Sparks from Nathaniel Mission will be our guests.  We look forward to welcoming
our guests and celebrating these partnerships.
POTLUCK TO PICNIC – As noted above, Sunday’s “potluck” is now a “picnic.”  Bring your
own picnic to enjoy after worship along with other Walnut Hill members and friends.  In case
of rain, the “picnic” will be cancelled.
Sunday School Volunteers – We continue our regular schedule of 11am lessons/activities
for children and youth.  With that schedule comes the need for volunteers to help staff our
programs.  One volunteer is needed each Sunday. Volunteers can choose to work with
either the nursery or the elementary age class. Lesson materials and coaching are provided
for volunteers.  Visit the Sunday School Sign Up  to volunteer for a Sunday upcoming.
Ukraine Crisis Response – Walnut Hill has so far received/sent over $14,000 to help with
relief efforts for persons displaced by the war in Ukraine.  You may add to that amount on
Sunday mornings via cash and checks payable to Walnut Hill Church (memo “Ukraine”),
or donate directly by visiting Church World Service . Visit “Welcoming Viktoriia” for one
family’s story.
The Nathaniel Mission will be offering its Summer Camp program for children in June
and July.  In addition to funds and supplies, the Camp is particularly in need of volunteers.
Contact Casey Coyle ( and/or visit the Mission Facebook
page for more information.
The Cathedral Domain is offering a full schedule of camp programs this summer for
children and youth.  Visit Cathedral Domain for schedule and registration information.
Remember that Walnut Hill will pay 1/2 the camp fee for any Walnut Hill child/youth
attending a Domain program.  Contact Amanda for more details.
Calling all Graduates! We would like to recognize and celebrate Walnut Hill graduates,
especially high school graduates on Sun, May 29.  Please let us know if you have a soon-
to-be graduate in your family, so that we might celebrate her/him appropriately.
A Transition Committee is working on issues related to Mike’s upcoming retirement.  For
more information regarding the committee’s work or to volunteer your service, contact
committee chair, Lyle Hanna.
Peace to all.
Mike Ward
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…the Walnut Hill website
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